Food Truck Equipment Service Options

Food trucks are mobile restaurants and contain complete kitchens with cooking equipment and food storage in a self-contained mobile platform. The convenience of a food truck is the ability to go where the action is. Some food trucks park at permanent locations. They allow for a casual outdoor experience while other food trucks are more event-based allowing an event organizer to consign their services or cater an event for a particular type of food.

Several cities are setting up established locations for food trucks to engage with the public on a more regular basis.

In Texas, Austin is one of the founding towns for designated locations for food trucks, and several North Texas cities are following suit.

Dallas has Klyde Warren Park with food trucks on the south perimeter. Arlington has a location at River Legacy Park where food trucks are an added feature depending on the season.

Plano is getting into the act, and several businesses are trying to establish a food truck location with pad areas available similar to traditional restaurant sites.

Food Truck Equipment Service Options

As a mobile restaurant, food trucks need to maintain their equipment and level of quality control. There is greater wear and tear, and stress on food truck equipment due to the fact it is mobile. The flexing, vibration, and jarring from hitting potholes and overall poor road conditions contributes to an increase in abuse food truck equipment takes over fixed locations.

Most food trucks are designed to be weight conscious and may use lower quality, or lighter weight fittings, connections, and in some cases equipment to reach specific weight goals for the mobile platform.

Because food trucks are mobile and travel frequently, keeping them clean is a more complicated issue. When going down the highway, it is easier for windblown dust and debris to find it way into a food truck than a traditional fixed structure. That combined with the limited size of a food truck makes an aggressive cleaning schedule a must.

In addition to the dust and grime introduced from road travel into the overall food truck equipment, ice machines will regularly need cleaning also.

It is harder to keep a mobile ice machine clean for some reasons. Different water sources; different environments; workers coming in and out of the food truck more frequently; smaller work area. All this leads to contaminating ice faster. The result is dirty or slimy ice or, a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Food Trucks: Specific Performance Maintenance Schedules

At RSI, we can create a performance maintenance schedule specifically tailored to your food truck.

At RSI, we can create a performance maintenance plan specifically tailored to your food truck. As a factory-authorized and CFESA Certified Company, we can cover all you food equipment and refrigeration needs.

And, for food service equipment, we are a one-stop-shop.

However, things like air-conditioning, brake jobs, engine overhauls, and such, are outside our specialty and license. Although we would like to help, we are not the company to call for those issues. Due to our license and expertise, we are limited to work only on food service equipment. That means we cannot help with automotive maintenance of any kind.

Let RSI customize a Performance Maintenance Schedule for you so you keep more money in your pocket to help with those automotive needs.

Additionally, as each food truck is different, we can work with you to create one for your specific equipment. As we assess your equipment, we will help determine your needs and offer solutions that best meet your requirements.

Our extensive history and background helps us recommend options you might not be aware of regarding tips and ways to lower your long-term maintenance costs.

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