Ice Machine Leasing

With Refrigerated Equipment and Leasing Company (REALCO)

We have offered commercial ice machine leasing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex through REALCO, a subsidiary of RSI, since 1985. Equipment can be a significant expense for your business. However, with REALCO, we can provide you with a cost-efficient way to get the ice machine that best suits your business’ needs.

Why Lease Your Ice Machine?

Cost-Efficient Equipment Option

No hefty upfront investment.

Flat cost

Frees up capital to spend elsewhere in your business.

No repair or maintenance costs.

Tax advantages

Tailored to Your Needs

You'll have an experienced and knowledgeable team walk you through the leasing process.

We will help you find the ice machine that meets your specific needs.

We can work with your budget.

Reliable Service Partner

RSI provides 24/7 repair services.

Cleaning, descaling, and sanitizing services are provided.

You will receive replacement ice if your unit goes down.

Start Your Ice Machine Leasing Journey Here:

From large commercial kitchens to office break rooms, we understand the importance in having a reliable and efficient ice machine. No matter how big or small of an ice machine you need, we offer a variety of high-quality ice machines to meet your specific needs. With custom leasing plans and comprehensive maintenance services, we ensure you never have to worry about your ice supply. 

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What type of ice machine is best for you?

Ice Machine Leasing

In addition to selecting between a modular unit, an under counter, or a table top ice machine, you also need to consider what ice that would work best for your specific application.

The Different Ice Types:

Characteristics: Solid, cubed shaped ice.
Application: Bagging, dispensing, & cold drinks.
Common Settings: Restaurants, Bars, & Convenience Stores.
Melt Rate: Slow

Cube Ice

Characteristics: Pellet shaped ice that is soft, chewable, and retains flavor well.
Application: Cold drinks.
Common Settings: Healthcare Facilities, Restaurants, Bars, & Convenience Stores.
Melt Rate: Quick

Nugget Ice

Characteristics: Soft, snow-like ice that is moldable.
Application: Displays & medical compresses.
Common Settings: Grocery Stores, Fish Markets, Buffets, & Healthcare Facilities.
Melt Rate: Quick

Flaked Ice

Characteristics: Half moon shaped ice.
Application: Bagging, dispensing, & cold drinks.
Common Settings: Bars & Restaurants.
Melt rate: Slow


Characteristics: Large, perfect cube with no hole/dimple.
Application: High-end liquor and upscale drinks.
Common Settings: Upscale Restaurants, Bars, & Event and Banquet Halls.
Melt rate: Slow

Ice Machine Brands:

REALCO offers name-brand commercial ice machines from trusted and reliable manufacturers.

Hoshizaki - Ice Machine Leasing
Manitowoc - Ice Machine Leasing
Follett - Ice Machine Leasing

& More!

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