Crathco 3312 Barrel Freezer

The Crathco 3312 Barrel Freezer from Grindmaster-Cecilware is a double barrel beverage freezer in the 3000 series standard beverage freezer line. The Model 3311 is the single barrel beverage freezer in the same line.

This product may also be referred to under different names, such as, the Wilch 3312 Barrel Freezer or the Grindmaster 3312 Barrel Freezer. However, this is the same machine listed differently. We will refer to it as the Crathco 3312 for simplicity.

This Crathco 3312 Barrel Freezer is a double barrel freezer in “The Box Style” or “The Margarita Machine” type unit. It is most often specified for yogurt shops, commercial installations, catering businesses, restaurants, and rental businesses due to its durability and versatility. While invented 30 plus years ago, it remains a dependable and durable option to this day. The Crathco 3312 is a stand-alone, self-contained double barrel freezer unit. It can serve the specified number of drinks per hour continuously, all day, every day, for many years.

Crathco 3312 Barrel Freezer Specifications

The Crathco 3312 is designed to dispense and serve many different frozen beverage concoctions including smoothies, shakes, cappuccino, and granita lattes. Frozen cocktails, such as daiquiris and margaritas are definitely a mainstay of this machine. Additionally, fruit juices, lemonade and slushes are also fairly common. Each side is completely independent and may serve different frozen beverages in different thicknesses’ concurrently.

Crathco 3312 is manufactured from stainless steel and houses the freezer barrel, chilled storage, compressor, and motor all in a single enclosure.

If you want to add more versatility to your frozen beverages, then you may add an optional drink spinner to the front of the machine to mix in whatever additional ingredients your requirements specify. The spinner allows the operator to serve a wider variety of concoctions from a single machine.

Drink Spinner

The Crathco 3312 is designed to serve five to seven gallons of frozen beverage per hour, or 110 to 155 10oz. frozen beverages per hour. The barrel freezers each keep 1.5 gallons frozen per side. The chilled hopper cools an additional 2.25 gallons per side for a total of 3.75 gallons of product per side.

A metering device, known as a carburetor or carb-tube, allows the correct mix of air to liquid ratio to enter the freezing cylinder. This ratio differs for the type of drink dispensed and the thickness required.

Dispensing Valve Plunger

The dispensing valve plunger comes in two models, and you need to specify the correct one depending on the consistency (or thickness) of the product you plan to serve. One option is for a thin product and the other is for a thicker, neutral base frozen cocktail mix. The plunger and spring can be field changed if you decide to alter your product options by season or based on changing your product offering due to market demand.

A low mix light keeps the staff informed of when to refill the storage hopper with additional mix.


The unit weighs approximately 245 pounds and is 18.5 inches wide, 29 inches deep, and only 26.75 inches tall. It comes standard as a bench model, but you may specify optional four inch legs to raise the unit off the counter or for use in a cart for a mobile application.


This unit runs from a dedicated circuit specified as 115volt/60Hz 20amp single-phase. It draws approximately 1896 watts and approximately 16 amps. An optional configuration allows 220-240volts/50Hz single-phase 15 amp dedicated circuit at 1980 watts and drawing nine amps.

Ventilation Requirements

The Crathco 3312 is an air-cooled model requiring a minimum of six inches of ventilation space on either side for ample airflow and optimal use. There will be a performance penalty when locating the unit in high ambient temperature areas.


The Crathco 3312 Standard unit features two 1/2 HP drive motors coupled with a 3/4 HP air-cooled compressor. The Crathco 3312 CE unit features two 1/4 HP motors and a 3/4 HP air-cooled compressor.


Crathco 3312 also features the patented FlavorlightTM illumination panel on the front of the unit. This eye catching, back-lit signage helps increase sales by drawing attention to the frozen beverage you are serving. There are various standard signage options available. If you want a custom sign to match your brand, then RSI can custom design one to match your brand and fit into your color palette and theme.

Filter Kits

There are two filter kits available for the unit that vary in function. The concealed air filter kit keeps dust from clogging the condenser. It is typically specified for use near beaches or in outdoor environments. On the other hand, the exposed air filter kit is for indoor applications where visual inspection and cleaning is more frequent.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories include a valve lock in order to lock the unit from dispensing product during off hours or overnight. Additionally, a remote fill control to refill the chilled mix storage hopper automatically is available. This saves additional labor by monitoring the hopper and keeping it filled to the proper level automatically.

The Crathco 3312 manual also states, “From time to time, it may become necessary to readjust the consistency setting (thickness) to compensate for variation between different mixes or to switch from one type of product to another.” An adjustment screw accomplishes this and the full procedure is outlined in the user’s manual.

How does it work?

The two insulated storage hopper holds 2.25 gallons per side. The freezer barrels are located directly below each storage hopper. Once a pre-mixed liquid is added independently to each storage hopper, it automatically fills the freezer barrel by replenishing the cylinder from its own hopper until that hopper runs out of mix or is refilled by the operator.

As each drink is dispensed, it is replaced by an equal amount of chilled product that will then mix with the frozen beverage in the freezing cylinder. This allows a smaller amount of product to remain frozen and served without the need for freezing the complete product mix. This works for both freezer barrels independently.

Low-level indicator lights let the operator know which storage hopper needs replenishing. Operators can replenish the hoppers by hand. Additionally, you can add an automatic control accessory to replenish the mix as needed without operator intervention.

According to the Crathco 3312 product manual, “the freezer consists of two freezing cylinders with rotating internal augers (dashers) that are belt-driven by electric motors. The augers scrape frozen product off the inside of the refrigerated cylinders. Torque sensing mechanisms control compressor operation to maintain desired product consistency. The freezer utilizes an air-cooled refrigeration system to freeze the product. Self-closing dispensing valves are attached to the front of the freezing cylinder. The unit has an adjustable consistency control and an out of product indicator for each side. When properly operated and cared for, the Model 3312 will provide many years of service. Proper care includes regular cleaning and maintenance. To minimize the amount of maintenance necessary, follow the operating procedures outlined in this manual.”

The Barrels

The Crathco 3312 freezer barrels are cylindrical, approximately five inches in diameter; and each cylinder runs from the front to the back of the unit. Each barrel freezer cylinder will hold 1.5 gallons of mix in a frozen state ready for serving.

Refrigeration coils wrap around the outside of each freezer barrel to maintain the liquid mix in a frozen state. The only liquid that maintains a frozen state is the liquid in each barrel. The barrels have clear faceplates secured by thumbscrews, removable for cleaning, located on the front of the freezer cylinder. This faceplate holds the dispensing arm and regulates the flow of frozen goodness. The clear faceplate allows the operator to see the product inside the barrel. Additionally, it is removable for cleaning and maintenance of the freezer cylinder and dispensing lever.

Inside each cylinder is the wiper that continuously mixes the frozen beverage and keeps it at the correct frozen state. Each internal auger (dasher) shaft protrudes through the back of its cylinder wall. Individual motors drive each dasher independently through a belt and pulley flywheel assembly. This belt drive assembly reduces the vibration of the dasher in the cylinder. Additionally, the unit senses the torque required to keep each specific dasher turning through the frozen beverage. It also regulates the refrigeration unit to maintain each beverage at the optimal frozen consistency.

The motors and refrigeration units are located on the base plate of the unit and keep the center of gravity in the unit low. This helps when moving the unit or in mobile applications. As stated previously, airflow for the Crathco 3312 unit is from the side across the refrigeration coils and requires six inches of clearance on both sides. However, the back of the unit does not require any clearance.

Reliable Long Term Operation

The Crathco 3312 Barrel Freezer from Grindmaster-Cecilware is a very robust and reliable unit and requires minimum daily, weekly, and annual maintenance. As stated previously, to obtain optimal results, the unit requires six inches of side ventilation. If the unit is having difficulty maintaining a consistent frozen beverage mix, then check the voltage or venting. If either is not optimal, then you will have a reduction in freezing performance. Additionally, never use an extension cord to power a unit.


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