RSI Installs Commercial Refrigeration for McKesson

RSI provides commercial refrigeration installation services.  These installations range in size from small mom & pop shops all the way up to large-scale industrial distribution centers. Recently, we did a large scale installation for McKesson‘s distribution center.

McKesson provides pharmaceutical distribution for branded, generic, and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to thousands of customers around the world.  One of their distribution centers is located in Dallas, Texas.

This pharmaceutical distribution center houses several large commercial refrigeration systems.  In this installation, RSI installed these refrigeration systems for McKesson.

These commercial refrigeration systems house the evaporators inside the walk-in coolers and freezers, while the condensing units are installed on the roof.

McKesson Commercial Refrigeration Installation
RSI’s Cody Rohus brazing refrigeration tubing for McKesson Commercial Refrigeration Installation in Dallas, TX.  This upside-down P-Trap keeps oil in the compressor.  This keeps the oil from migrating when the compressor is off.

Because of the condensers’ size, a helicopter installed the condensers for the McKesson distribution center before RSI plumbed, tested, and wired them.

If you want to see an overview of the installation and the details, then view this gallery.  Pay attention to the quality of the installation, such as straight, cleanly installed and well organized lines. These are just some examples of the skills and attention to detail RSI will bring to your commercial refrigeration installation regardless of size or complexity.

A Helicopter preparing to lift and place compressor units on the roof for RSI during the installation for McKesson in Dallas Texas.

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