RSI Gives Razoo’s Cajun Café an Upgrade

Razoos Cajun Cafe Sign

Razoo’s Cajun Café, located in Lewisville, Texas, needed to upgrade their customers experience. So, they asked RSI to help them provide “the coldest beer in Texas.” Mike Via worked with Razoo’s to specify a system that would allow them to serve the coldest beer in Texas even on days when the outside temp was 100°F plus outside.

Mike and RSI helped Razoo’s choose a Lancer Siberian Elite Chiller system, a high performance glycol system. The complete system includes a freestanding walk-in-cooler, located outside the restaurant, which houses the keg storage. This cooler also houses the Siberian Elite Chiller. A 42-gallon glycol system circulates approximately 600 gallons an hour while reducing compressor cycle times up to 15% minimizing component wear and extending equipment life. This reduced cycle time also increases energy savings for improved ROI. RSI located the Siberian Chiller inside the cooler for improved energy efficiency and reduced cycle times.

Beer Cooler Exterior - coldest beer in Texas

RSI used Lancers numbered trunk lines to increase the speed of installation while providing the customer with FDA approved flavor resistant tubing.

The Coldest Beer in Texas

Razoo’s wants to serve the coldest beer in Texas and the Siberian Elite Glycol system helps achieve this. Additionally, Razoo’s also wants to maintain a great ROI (customer first, profits second).

Therefore, RSI incorporated a cleaning manifold into the system. This manifold has the ability to keep the system sealed and allow beer to be pumped back into the kegs before cleaning.  The completely closed system lowers overall maintenance issues and cost.  Approximately 98% of the beer is retained during system and line cleaning. This is normally beer which is flushed down the drain along with its cost and lost profits. The beer and cost savings add up over the year to a substantial amount that would normally be lost as an expense.

FOB detectors - coldest beer in Texas


Simplicity and ease of maintenance is an added bonus and allows Razoo’s to maintain the freshest tasting beer by cleaning and maintaining their lines on a more frequent basis without a cost penalty.

The system includes the following units:

  • Siberian Elite Glycol Chiller
    • 82-4321
  • Gas Drop Leads
  • Beer Pumps
  • Foam On Beer (Fob) detectors
  • Flojet G56 Beer Pumps and Oil Free Compressors
    • 82-4428 Compressor
    • 86-0180 Pump, Flojet, Model G56 Beer Pump
  • Regulator Boards
  • Trunk Lines

With Mike Via and RSI’s help, Razoo’s will be upgrading additional locations to match the Razoo’s Lewisville location, so all their sites will serve the coldest beer in Texas.

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