RSI Installs Beer System For Gas Monkey Bar and Grill

RSI and David Hester helped Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Dallas, Texas enhance the industrial look in their bar area by installing a ceiling mounted 32 tap beer pipe system. This system uses a Chill-Rite 32 Beer System and provides cold beer at approximately 32°F to the customer.

These industrial looking beer pipes hang from the ceiling versus the typical bar mounted set up. The ceiling mount installation presented some hurdles that RSI helped Gas Monkey work through and alleviate. One of the issues was the distance the beer taps were from the walk-in cooler and how to serve cold beer regardless. Another issue was running the system tubing above the bar. RSI’s recommendation of the Chill-Rite Beer 32 System was the perfect solution.

Unlike the Chill-Rite Millennium System that cools beer to 8°F below the walk-in cooler temperature while still delivering beer to the taps at 32°F, the Chill-Rite Beer 32 Beer System chills the beer to 32°F regardless of walk-in cooler temperature. RSI determined this was a better solution for Gas Monkey due to the hot Texas summers, the distance to the walk-in cooler, and the ceiling mounted beer-pipe tap system.

long draw beer system

Once RSI installed and tested the system, it was determined, the taps needed to be lowered, about a foot for optimal serving height.

Custom Fabrication

RSI engaged their custom fabrication capabilities to fabricate extenders. These extenders match the look of the original install and blend right into the overall look. Once RSI installed the extenders, it brought the beer taps to the correct serving height. This attention to detail and excellent customer support is one aspect that sets RSI apart from its competitors.

Custom beer tower extension

“Because RSI’s name is on it, we made sure it was right for the customer. That’s just what we do.” said David Hester

The Chill-Rite 32 Beer System is the Right Choice

The Chill-Rite 32 Beer System is exactly what Gas Monkey needs to provide their customers with the right experience. RSI set the system up with optimal line lengths, flow restrictors and FOB’s to optimize the install.

long draw beer system

Using Existing Equipment Lowers Costs

Additionally, RSI installed the system to incorporate an existing walk-in cooler for use as the keg storage.  This allows Gas Monkey to lower their cost, increase their ROI and still provide the customer with an excellent experience.

With a high volume restaurant and bar like Gas Monkey it can get pretty chaotic inside the keg storage walk-in cooler.  However, the Chill-Rite 32 Beer System makes changing empty kegs a simple process and the Foam on Beer (FOB) detectors keep from wasting beer.

Gas Monkey keg storage

To learn more about installing your own system, or get a better understanding of how long draw beer systems work, visit our blog “Long Draw Beer Systems” to see our article explaining the overall system.

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