Hooters of Garland
Hooters of Garland – RSI installs a 40-tap Perlick beer system with Beer Auditing for Hooters in Garland Texas.  The Perlick beer system utilizes two chillers to feed both indoor and outdoor bars.

RSI Installs Another Perlick Beer System

Once again, Perlick has chosen RSI to install the Perlick beer system required to open a new restaurant.

“The knowledge and expertise RSI brings to the table means we will not have any issues once we are up and running.  And, if we do, we make one call to them, and their factory trained technicians resolve our issue.”

The system uses two Perlick 4420 air-cooled glycol chillers to supply 40 taps on three towers.  There are three distinct serving areas; an indoor bar, an outdoor bar, and a service bar.

The Perlick Beer System chillers feed into the walk-in cooler used for keg storage where each keg has its own regulator, manifold, and F.O.B.  In addition to the regular beer system components, RSI installed and connected a US Beverage Net beer management system to each feed for auditing purposes.

Hooters of Garland Perlick System
Hooters of Garland walk in cooler during construction of Perlick System by RSI installers.

After installing the beer system, RSI tested and calibrated using restrictor tubing and extensive knowledge to achieve the correct product flow.

The 4420 Perlick Beer System

Dual Perlick System 4420 chillers
Hooters of Garland Perlick System 4420 chillers with their highly reflective surfaces.

The 4420 Perlick system comes as a member of the Perlick Century Beer System 4400 series. It is available in single, dual, or triple pump versions. Depending on the need both air and water-cooled versions are available.  One advantage of the 4420 is the maximum line footage value of 600ft.  When feeding an outdoor bar, the line distance can add up quickly. Additionally, Perlick chose the 4420 because supplying an outdoor bar in Texas heat requires a system to handle the load along with the distance.

The 4420 Power Pac based system incorporates a 1/3 HP ball bearing, maintenance free motor which circulates food grade propylene glycol in a 33% solution. (It is mixed with distilled water.) The pump circulates 100 gallons per hour at 150 PSIG positive displacement.

An electronic thermostat monitors the temperature in real time and displays it on a digital readout mounted on each unit for instant feedback and quick system assessment. Additionally, a state of the art control system gives full-time feedback with audible and settable alarms.

RSI mounted the chillers on their own stand close to the walk in cooler to increase airflow. Another benefit of this location is it allows for ease of access during maintenance and quick visual reference when problems arise.

Beverage Manager System for Auditing

Perlick System and Audit System
Perlick system manifold with regulators, FOB’s, and audit system

Additionally, Hooters offers responsible alcoholic beverage service in its restaurant and RSI installed the auditing system hardware to work in conjunction with the Perlick beer system

Once Hooters chose a beverage management system to meter the beer, they needed a reliable company to install the system, calibrate, and maintain the system after opening. The benefit of the auditing system is it measures every ounce of product that goes through the hose.

“We use bevManager in all our locations in Texas. What it does is it registers the amount of beer that is being poured in ounces. We can have live results on how much a girl has poured, to validate that she is ringing up everything that she has poured to the ‘T’. If I’m ringing up a hundred ounces of beer, I should have a hundred ounces in cost. It gives us real, live feedback within two minutes.  It’s just basically to keep our girls honest, said Freddy Boscas, GM of the Garland Hooters.

Currently, Hooters uses the system to match billing. However, they are considering using it for inventory purposes down the road.


Hooters provides a great environment to enjoy good food and beverages. RSI was once again instrumental in helping Hooters establish another location by installing a 40-tap Perlick beer system with an added beer auditing and pour management system.  This system met the needs of Hooters of Garland in supplying three bar areas with a reliable and robust draught beer system.

If you questions regarding a beer system installation or need more information, please contact our sales team. We are always here to help and discuss your needs.

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