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Office Team Cross-Training Initiative

RSI and CES Office Teams Embark on Customer Site Visits for Cross-Training Initiative

In November, RSI organized site visits to enhance our office team’s knowledge of the heart of our operations. This cross-training initiative aimed to provide our RSI and CES dispatch, billing, and customer service teams with a firsthand look into the work that our technicians do every day.

The site visits helped the office team understand the various pieces of equipment that we service. In the kitchen walk-through, the technician supervisors gave helpful insights into each piece of equipment and its components. They equipped the office team with practical knowledge about the equipment and a general idea of the technician’s scope of work. This knowledge will help them provide better support and communication with customers, as well as our technicians.

Additionally, they had the opportunity to witness a crowded kitchen during its lunch rush. They saw firsthand how equipment can become inaccessible to technicians during a cookline’s busy hours as a result. So, with this knowledge, the dispatchers can schedule service more effectively, minimizing disruptions for everyone.

The main goal of the site visits was to foster a deeper understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. By doing so, RSI aims to strengthen team collaboration and promote empathy and a sense of unity between the office team and the technicians in the field. We believe a well-coordinated team is better equipped to serve its customers effectively.

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