What is a Restaurant Space Retrofit?

When developing new restaurant concepts it is often desirable to perform a restaurant space retrofit to repurpose existing space. RSI helped Table 13 repurpose and retrofit a shuttered hamburger joint in Addison, Texas. They turned this space into a fine dining, music and cocktails restaurant. Table 13 offers vintage inspired food and beverages in an atmosphere straight out of the 1950’s Las Vegas.

After assessing the needs of Table 13, RSI was able to offer solutions to make the space more functional. By retrofitting, reusing, and servicing existing equipment, Table 13 cut their costs and obtained the desired functionality they wanted.


Restaurant Space Retrofit includes refurbished commercial ice machine.

Ice Machine Relocation

RSI’s CFESA certified technicians saved Table 13 considerable costs by offering to service the existing ice machine versus scrapping it and installing a new one. Through observation and assessment, RSI determined it would be possible to service the compressor and get it back up to specifications.

However, the ice bin portion needed to be replaced because it sat unused for many years from the previous restaurant and was in bad condition. When RSI moved the ice machine, they also installed a water purification system to help ice flavor and machine longevity. Once RSI moved the ice machine, it freed up the original space for better use.

Beer System Update

RSI technicians also evaluated and brought back to life the beer system. After assessment, RSI determined the system just needed cleaning, servicing and maintenance. RSI updated the system quickly without the expense or cost of a new system.

Additionally, the RSI technicians serviced the walk in cooler and brought it back into specification.

“Sometimes all it takes to get a cooler running again is a good cleaning and some new custom gaskets to replace the worn ones.” said Scott Hester of RSI.

Even the Hot Side

For Table 13, RSI also brought in its sister company Cooking Equipment Specialist (CES) to assess and evaluate the hot side. Although CES does not work on HVAC, they were able to examine the grills, ovens, stoves, and cook tops. Like RSI, CES serviced the equipment and brought them back to a good working order.

The CFESA certified technicians of CES were able to fix and repair the existing equipment versus needing to replace it saving Table 13 considerable time and money. This freed up Table 13 to purchase additional freestanding equipment to supplement their kitchen. These additional pieces of equipment did not require certified installation and are plug in units.

For a great dining experience in Addison, Texas, visit Table 13.

Additionally, for updating or new cold installation for your restaurant concept, contact RSI or CES for hot side installation. Once installed, RSI can also set you up with a performance maintenance service contract to keep the systems performing optimally for a long reliable time.

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