Exterior Yucatan Taco Stand Sign on Lower Greenville in Dallas Texas

RSI Installs a Perlick Pump System for Long Draw Beer and Margarita Distribution at Yucatan Taco Stand

RSI recently installed a Perlick Pump System in a newly established restaurant on lower Greenville in Dallas, Texas. The Yucatan Taco Stand is an indoor/outdoor eatery with a few other locations in operation.

The 18 faucet Perlick Pump System is a CO2 only long draw beer system. Additionally, the Perlick Pump System is a three-tower system with an underground chase and a run length of approximately 125 feet.

The system utilizes FOBs along with a CO2 leak detection system in the cooler for efficient distribution of the beer while continuously monitoring the system for CO2 leaks should they ever occur.

Remote Margarita Distribution

Frosty Factory Remote margarita tanks with C02 leak detection systems - perlick pump system
Frosty Factory Remote margarita tanks with C02 leak detection systems

What makes this install special is the addition of two Frosty Factory Auto-Fill Systems complete with ATF-1 Auto-fill tanks.

RSI installed secondary flow jet pumps to drive the system the additional distance needed.

Remote Ice Machine Installed by RSI for Yucatan Taco Stand in Dallas Texas
Remote Ice Machine Installed

In addition to installing the custom Perlick Pump System, a long draw beer system, two Frosty Factory remote margarita machines, RSI also installed an 1800-pound remote ice machine and 10’ x 10’ x 10’ walk-in cooler by Custom Coolers.

Serving Margarita on the Rocks from a Beer System

An uncommon aspect of this install is a beer tower used to serve margaritas on the rocks. The margarita line runs with the beer lines to take advantage of the Perlick Pump Systems glycol cooling.

The Yucatan Taco Stand Remote Margarita Rocks Delivery Tap Head - perlick pump system

Due to this unique set up, RSI brought knowledge and expertise to this install. Their complete understanding of the client’s needs allowed them to think outside the box as well as offer an uncommon use of products to fulfill the customers’ needs.

This expertise coupled with installing two Frosty Factory Auto-Fill systems for the remote margarita distribution allows Yucatan Taco Stand to focus on serving margaritas to their customers and not continually running out of product.

Yucatan Taco Stand is a new establishment on Lower Greenville, in one of the hottest restaurant areas of Dallas. RSI helped Yucatan Taco Stand meet the needs of their customers by thinking outside the box and installing a Perlick Pump System for their beer as well as an additional tower for serving margaritas.

Additionally, check out their menu and get a specialty beer or a margarita from their high volume tower system.

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