Doug Daniels Retires

Doug Daniels

Join us in extending congratulations to Doug Daniels, a longtime Refrigerated Specialist Inc. (RSI) employee, on his recent retirement!

Doug’s connection to the Hester family dates back to the 70’s when he was a teenager racing motocross. In fact, Marvin and Scott Hester’s father even sponsored Doug during his early racing days.

Years later, Doug was hired as Marvin’s helper at his previous employer before Marvin left to start RSI. Doug later joined RSI in 1989, where he has now spent most of his career. Being a part of RSI during the early years, he got to travel across the country doing installations for TGI Fridays.

Doug Daniels Retirement

“A true artist and craftsman when it comes to the installation of picture-perfect refrigeration lines,” Marvin said. “He has taught the trade to most of the men in the install department.”

In his personal life, Doug finds joy in motorcycles and boats, and has even achieved feats like long-distance barefoot skiing. He also holds a pilot’s license and takes pleasure in flying his airplane. Additionally, in 2017 he was inducted into the Texas Foosball Hall of Fame.

As Doug steps into retirement, he looks forward to building a house on Lake McGee in Oklahoma, where he plans on spending his time fishing and soaring through the skies in his airplane.

We extend our best wishes to Doug Daniels for a retirement filled with relaxation and exciting adventures!

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