How To Partner with a Service Provider

In Foodservice Equipment Reports (FER)’s article “How to Partner with a Service Provider,” RSI and CES President, Scott Hester gave some expert insight on how businesses can better partner with their equipment service company.

The “keys to success” FER outlines include communication, expectations, and commitment. Communicating and setting clear expectations is important for any partnership. Additionally, commitment also goes a long way with a service company.

“A reasonable degree of loyalty, a dependable share of work from a customer—not necessarily exclusive, but dependable—allows the service provider to prioritize, deploy assets efficiently and build on mutual trust,” Hester told FER.

Additionally, it is important to vet possible service companies based on your needs. Some best practices when choosing a service company include looking for authorized agents for the equipment manufacturers you use and CFESA certified technicians.

“Equipment life cycle is impacted by whom you choose to hire,” Hester told FER.

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Read FER’s full article: “How to Partner with a Service Provider.”

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