Why invest in commercial refrigeration maintenance?

What is a Performance Maintenance plan?

If your business relies on its refrigeration equipment, then it is important to make sure to keep it maintained and clean. The best way to protect your equipment is to invest in a Performance Maintenance (PM) plan.

A PM plan can include cleaning, filter changes, regular inspections, and other maintenance on your commercial refrigeration, ice machines and beer systems. At RSI, we customize plans to meet your schedule, budget, and performance needs. We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual commercial kitchen maintenance plans.

Four reasons you should invest in commercial refrigeration maintenance:

Protects equipment service life.

Poor maintenance and upkeep of equipment often results in premature replacement or failure. Your equipment will be more likely to live out its full expected service life with a maintenance plan because a technician will inspect and clean it on a regular basis.

More efficient equipment.

Keeping up to date with maintenance also helps your equipment perform optimally. Refrigeration works best and uses less energy when it is clean, and all its parts are in good condition. Unmaintained units will work harder to maintain proper temperatures and dirty condenser coils can cause the unit to overheat. Also, evaporator coils when clogged can lose the ability to efficiently absorb heat, which lengthens the run time and/or freezes up. Neglecting your ice machine can also result in reducing how much ice it is able to produce. An ice machine will produce its full capacity of ice when it is clean and maintained.

Save money overall.

A technician inspecting your equipment can save you from future costly service repairs. Catching small issues and repairing them is cheaper than waiting until the unit has become inoperable. Also, if your unit full of product goes down, replacing the spoiled product can be costly. With well maintained equipment, you can reduce that risk.

Improved quality and sanitation.

Since refrigeration equipment encounters food, it is important to meet food safety guidelines. Regular maintenance can ensure that your refrigeration maintains a proper holding temperature. This reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses from product spoilage in improper temperatures. For beer systems, having your beer lines cleaned regularly can eliminate buildup that decrease the quality of your beer. Additionally, the FDA considers ice food, so ensure your ice machine is sanitary. Since mold and bacteria thrive in ice machines, your ice machine needs cleaning often.

Contact RSI for commercial refrigeration maintenance.

At RSI, we serve businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and northeast Texas. We offer comprehensive PM programs that meet your needs and budget. Our CES team can even provide hot-side PM programs. So, contact us for all your maintenance needs!

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