How can you lower your restaurant’s energy bill?

Commercial refrigeration works around the clock to keep products fresh. Doing so means it consumes a lot of energy, causing a high energy bill. According to ENERGY STAR, restaurants use around five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. This is costly for many business owners, but it is not a lost cause. We have gathered a few easy refrigeration energy efficiency tips to help keep your bill down.

5 commercial refrigeration energy efficiency tips:

1. Keep the coils clean.

Commercial refrigeration works harder when it is dirty and dusty. So, check to make sure your refrigeration unit’s coils are being kept clean often.

2. Never leave the unit’s doors open.

When you leave the doors of your refrigeration unit open, you allow cold air to escape and hot air to enter. As a result, your refrigeration unit will work harder and consume more energy. Similarly, you should also keep your ice machine bin’s lid closed. This helps trap cold air inside the unit, improving its ability to keep ice cool.

3. Make sure there is good airflow.

There should be enough space outside of the system to allow airflow over the heat exchange coils. Additionally, good air flow on the inside is important as well. Do not over stuff your unit. Keep a one-inch gap or more between packages and the sides and back of the refrigerator to allow for air flow. This will also cool food more evenly and keep it fresher.

4. Schedule regular maintenance.

Keeping up to date with maintenance and cleaning helps your equipment perform optimally. You can contact RSI to get set up with a commercial refrigeration Performance Maintenance plan.

5. Stay on top of repairs.

Whenever you start seeing issues, it is time to place a service call to get the unit checked out. Refrigeration that is not performing optimally will use up more energy. Also, similarly to leaving the unit’s doors open, damaged doors or door gaskets will allow cold air to escape.

Looking for energy efficiency tips for your hot-side equipment?

Your cooking equipment can also add to your restaurant’s high energy bill. Check out our sister company, Cooking Equipment Specialist’s blog to learn more.

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