Navigating Refrigeration Woes: Checklist for Before You Place a Service Call

Before reaching out to a service agent to place a service call for your commercial refrigeration equipment, it’s essential to conduct a preliminary check. It is tempting to jump straight to placing a service call as soon as your equipment starts acting up. However, these few steps can help save you both time and hassle. Also, getting all the necessary information when it’s time to place that service call can ensure a smoother and more efficient repair process.

What to check before calling a service agent:

Do not overlook the simple stuff! Check the following things before you call your service agent.

  • Check the breaker.
  • Check the plug, power switch and outlet.
  • Make sure the unit isn’t in defrost.
  • For beer systems, check the CO2 and nitrogen first.
  • For beer systems, make sure the kegs are not empty.

What information to have when placing a service call:

When placing a service call, the more details you can provide the service agent, the better. So, it is helpful if you have the following information on hand.

  • Identify the brand, model, and serial number.
  • Know the location and station of the unit.
  • Get the specific temperatures.
  • For hot or foamy beer, know the temperature of the chiller AND beer walk-in cooler.
  • For beer pouring issues, how many beers do you have and how many are not pouring?

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