RSI Installs Unique MicroMatic Long Draw Beer System in Dallas, Texas

For Biergarten, RSI installed a MicroMatic Long Draw Beer System, a Liquor Delivery System, and an iDraught Beverage Inventory System to enhance the customer experience while providing improved ROI, Profits, and Measurable Metrics.

Biergarten is a new restaurant located in downtown Dallas, Texas directly next to the Dallas Omni Hotel and walking distance to the Dallas Convention Center.

Exterior of Biergarten Restaurant located at the Dallas Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas.
Exterior of Biergarten Restaurant located at the Dallas Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas and located within walking distance of the Dallas Convention Center.

RSI delivered a non-standard installation

We chose a MicroMatic System, to deliver the draft beer along with additional components to deliver liquor.  We paired this system to custom designed towers exactly matching the Biergarten blue color. This level of detail and knowledge was instrumental in helping Biergarten achieve the customer service they maintain in their restaurants.

Finished Micro-Matic Long Draw Beer System Custom Beer Pipe The Finished MicroMatic Long Draw Beer System Custom Beer Pipe with Color Matched Powder Coating Installed in Biergarten Restaurant, Downtown Dallas Texas by the Omni Hotel.

Along with the MicroMatic long draw beer system and the liquor delivery system, RSI installed an automated iDraught Inventory Management System to maintain an accurate level of record keeping and to help lower administrative costs while increasing ROI. iDraught, is a MicroMatic Partner and the two work seamlessly together to create a lower operating cost while tracking trends and averages.

“This iDraught system ties directly into the POS system and monitors the beverage continuously. Because it ties into POS, they know every ounce of beer that goes through the system. Where it goes, and who registered it. The iDraught ties into the employee database, so they know if there’s anything lost, if someone’s giving away a drink, or somebody’s spilling a drink, that was something that we added to this that was pretty cool.”

David Hester, RSI

Titan Line Micro-Matic Long Draw Beer System

Back of House System

RSI chose a Titan System for the MicroMatic long draw beer system. Originally, we pair it to an 8 faucet tower that we custom specified to feed 16 faucets.

RSI installed a manifold above each beer feed to split and direct each beer in the front of the house.  One beer goes into the manifold, split, and is directed to one of three blue towers out front.  There are three independent runs directly from the manifold.

This allows three bartenders to pour the same beer from one feed at the same time.  As each tower is a different distance from the feed, it was easy to incorporate the correct restrictor tubing based on each run.  The beer draws precisely the same regardless of location.

RSI's clean and well organized installation of the Micro-Matic Long Draw Beer System This view is the interior of the Walk-In Cooler during installation in Dallas Texas, showing RSI’s clean and well organized installation of the MicroMatic Long Draw Beer System including the Evaporator, Manifolds, Gas Distribution Panel, FOB’s, Keg Feeds, and Liquor Canisters.

Balancing The MicroMatic Beer System

There is a tremendous amount that goes into balancing a system like this, especially if all three bartenders are pouring at the same time.

The key is to understand what is happening and tune the system for these issues using the appropriate restriction.

Once we calculate the math correctly, and optimize the system, making sure the proper amount of gas is pushing the beer,  it works flawlessly.

The bar closest to the feed has a foot of restriction while the farthest bar has three feet of restriction.  It requires the same amount of gas to push the beer, and each pour is identical.

The restriction is added based on calculations RSI performs for beer type, gas type, distance, and volume.  Restriction line is where the 5/16” product line meets 3/16” restriction line, so there’s a difference in the inner diameter of the tubing. This slows, (restricts) the beer to the proper pour rate and packs it into a solid-liquid so there is no excessive foaming.

The Five sixteenths (5/16”) is relatively new in the last year, for us.  We have been testing it extensively during that time, and it helps the customer keep less beer in the line while still providing an excellent pour.  Customers lose less beer with clean beer lines.

Therefore greater ROI and profit.

Micro-Matic Manifords Panels and Gas Feed This view is the interior of the Walk-In Cooler showing RSI’s clean and well organized installation of the MicroMatic Long Draw Beer System including the Manifolds, Gas Distribution Panel, FOB’s, and Keg Feeds.

Each manifold is fitted with FOB (foam on beer) flow controllers along with a complete on /off valve to completely shut off one feed. The FOB allows staff to change a kegger without introducing additional air into the lines and causing over foaming.

MicroMatic Liquor Canisters

RSI installed specific feeds, manifolds, and panels for liquor in addition to the draught beer feeds.  These panels also feed the 3 bars out front.  The liquor lines, also tuned home runs, feed directly into pour towers at the bar.  It is the same concept again, three stations out front, supplied by one feed. The manifold goes to the three bars.  Each bar has an individual liquor tower for dispensing liquor at the correct temperature and flow rate.  These feed into “Sexy Flooded Ice Towers”.

Liquor Canisters of Micro-Matic Long Draw Beer System Install MicroMatic Long Draw Beer System Custom Beer Pipe During Installation.

The liquor canisters, gas feed panel, and manifold that feed the MicroMatic Sexy Flooded Ice Towers . Each Sexy Tower has 4 liquor options. One per canister.

The Front of House Components

MicroMatic Custom Beer Pipe Towers

The customer facing features of the install included 3 stations, each with custom towers for the draught beer delivery, and Sexy Flooded Ice Towers for the liquor delivery.  The towers are custom towers from Micro-Matic’s Titan Line. Originally designed to be an 8-faucet tower, RSI custom specified a tower engineered into sixteen faucets. These custom towers are also dual temperature RSI had it powder coated blue to match Biergarten’s sign.

Custom Beer Pipe during installation MicroMatic Long Draw Beer System Custom Beer Pipe with Color Matched Powder Coating During the Installation in Biergarten Restaurant, Downtown Dallas Texas by the Omni Hotel

Shown after beer pipe installation but before beer tap handles installation. Notice the glass-rinser in the lower right corner of the image.

“They gave us the number to their sign color, and we matched it exactly. “
David Hester, RSI

Each tower has its own glass-washer to provide exceptional customer service and quality for each pour. The brewers recommend a glass-washer to evoke the flavor when the beverage enters a freshly rinsed glass at each pour.

Sexy Flooded Ice Tower

Sexy Flooded Ice Towers were specified and installed to serve the liquor.  This is a condensing tower that forms a sheet of ice over the tower to provide a cold pour and directly show the customer just how cold the beverage is as it comes out.

It is hard to get this system to freeze consistently due to the large glass windows that open in the summer and the direct sunlight hitting the towers.

As it requires just the right amount of humidity to freeze, it will not always provide the layer of sheet ice for a truly stunning look.  This is one of the trade-offs when the customer wants one thing, and the environment provides another.

The fully frozen Micro-Matic Sexy Flooded Ice Tower The fully frozen MicroMatic Sexy Flooded Ice Tower in Biergarten Restaurant, Downtown Dallas Texas by the Omni Hotel.

Ice Machine, Walk-In Cooler, and Refrigeration

Specializing in Commercial Refrigeration, RSI also installed the Walk in Cooler, the Manitowoc Ice Machine, and the refrigeration.

After specifying the load and capacity, RSI installed the correctly sized ice machine.

The Walk-In-Cooler and refrigeration are also an RSI install item.  However,  the complete package is maintained under a RealCo lease which covers the maintenance and upkeep of the units for their duration. Biergarten does not have to worry about upkeep or maintenance.  It is covered as a complete turnkey setup.

Manitowoc Ice Machine, Dallas Texas Manitowoc Ice Machine Installed at Biergarten

U.S. Cooler Walk-In Cooler Exterior Large Walk-In-Cooler from U.S. Cooler. 



The complexity and detail RSI provided helped Biergarten achieve the look and experience the customer required.  This experience allows Biergarten to achieve higher ROI and profit margin while providing their customers a unique and exceptional experience.

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