Perlick Beer Pipe System for Taverna Rossa

Overview of Perlock Beer Pipe

Refrigerated Specialist Inc. installed a state of the art Perlick Beer Pipe System for Taverna Rossa, the best Craft Pizza and Beer Restaurant in Plano, Texas.

Taverna Rossa Craft Pizza and Beer in the Lakeside Market is a 3,800-square-foot restaurant. It includes a 1,500-square-foot exposed patio that can be open on good weather days or closed during bad weather days.

Owner Preston Lancaster, (who also operates Cadillac Pizza Pub in McKinney), teamed with Brian Luscher, (chef-owner of The Grape), to collaborate on the menu. The focus of the menu is “hand-crafted pizza and craft beer,” said Lancaster.

The Perlick Beer Pipe System

RSI installed an extensive 24-tap, triple-base, black-iron Perlick beer pipe system for Taverna Rossa. The black pipe beer system matches the industrial rustic theme perfectly. It also provides a quick and beautiful overview of the beers on tap.

the Perlick beer pipe immediately after install

This custom beer tower is based on the Perlick beer pipe system. It utilizes two Perlick 4065-12 series pipe towers with 12 taps each on 3” centers for a total of 24 taps. The “Tee” in the middle also provides an additional feed for the lines. The 110” long system provides an impressive display to the customers.

A Perlick Century System

RSI used a Perlick Century System glycol refrigerated line system to provide a clean, functional look in the bar area and maintain a 32°F to 38°F drawing temperature. Since the restaurant walls may be opened or closed to the outside environment, RSI had to take precautions to ensure consistent beer temperature at the tap head.

The Custom Installation


With Texas temperatures reaching 100°F plus, meant RSI had to provide a system to accommodate the large fluctuations.

Secondary regulators are “ganged” together four at a time to provide precise regulation of push pressure, depending on the different levels of C02 in each beer. Additionally, each line uses TruPour Wall Mount Cam Lever Detectors with color coded lines for ease of system maintenance.


Once RSI finished the installation, they applied flow restrictors where necessary and balanced the system to provide the correct push pressures for each individual run. As a result, this keeps the design cleaner and as maintenance free as possible.

Taverna Rossa

Taverna Rossa chose to focus on the customer experience. They needed a beer pipe system that would keep up with demand, serve wheat’s, ales, and stouts without worry. They chose RSI to install long draw beer systems to help provide their customers with the best possible experience.

In the short time Taverna Rossa has been open, they have gained local recognition for their great atmosphere, homemade food, and artisan craft beers.Populating the cooler

With 24 beers on tap and a beer cooler, you can see into from the bar. As a result, the customers can finally see the expertise, clean design, and installation skills of RSI.

Familiar local beers on tap include Franconia Wheat, Franconia Dunkel, High Brass Blonde Ale, Lakewood The Temptress Stout, Peticolas Velvet Hammer, Peticolas Golden Opportunity, and Revolver. They also feature additional local draft beer rotators.

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