RSI Installed Frosty Factory Remote Cooled Frozen Drink System for Daiquiri Depot in Arlington, TX

RSI installed nine remote cooled frozen drink machines in a system consisting of nine Frosty Factory Model 235 dispensers with three remote condensing units for a local operator in Arlington, Texas.

Daiquiri Depot is a small restaurant and beverage operation located across the street from the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington, Texas.  They are also in close proximity to the Texas Rangers Globe Life Park and the Cowboys AT&T stadium.

They serve some of the best daiquiris in the area along with a tasty selection of bar foods and appetizers. Seating is available inside, as well as on the patio with live entertainment on select nights.

Daiquiri Depot wanted to achieve the performance and operation they needed in the limited space they had available. Therefore, they chose the nine remote cooled frozen drink machine dispensers with three remote condensing units.

Line of 9 Frosty Factory Model 235R Remote Cooled Frozen Drink Machines
Nine Frosty Factory Model 235R Remote Cooled Frozen Drink Machines installed at the bar of Daiquiri Depot in Arlington, TX

Frosty Factory Model 235 R

The Frosty Factory Model 235 comes in a few different configurations. Daiquiri Depot chose the remote condensing unit version due to limited space in the establishment.  The Frosty Factory 235 features a large 12-quart cylinder and is a high production unit.  Additionally, power is 120v at 60hz single phase pulling 6 amps, which makes powering the units very easy.

Each individual unit measures 32 inches high, by 16 ½ inches wide and 26 inches deep. Therefore, the nine unit setup RSI installed for Daiquiri Depot is a little over 12 feet wide without any wasted space between the machines.

The back of 9 Frosty Factory Model 235R Remote Cooled Frozen Drink Machines
The back of 9 Frosty Factory Model 235R Frozen Drink Machines showing the refrigeration lines going up the wall to the remote condensers mounted on the roof behind the stock product mix.

The Frosty Factory Model 235 can serve up to 320 10-ounce drinks per hour.  A lighted sign on the front of each machine allows highlighting the flavor for the customers. An integrated switch places the machine into standby mode for overnight refrigeration of the product mix.

Remote Condensing Unit

The Remote Condensing Units of the Frozen Factory Remote Cooled Frozen Drink Machines
Three Frosty Factory remote condensing units mounted on the roof of the Daiquiri Depot in Arlington, TX.

Three Model 235’s can operate on one remote condensing unit.  RSI installed three remote condensing units to run the nine remote cooled frozen drink machines.

The remote condensing unit allows the machines to be placed directly against one another to form a wall of daiquiri machines.  There is no side clearance required, and only a 6-inch clearance required for the rear of the machines.

Therefore, this saves space and presents a nice aesthetic to the customer.  There is also no wasted space between machines with the remote condensing unit set up.

The remote condensing unit comes in an air-cooled as well as a water-cooled version. Daiquiri Depot chose the air cooled units and located them on the roof where they would be less susceptible to damage or vandalism.  The units require 208v 60hz single phase and draw 22 amps.

Each unit weighs approximately 220 pounds and is 19 inches wide, by 24 inches long, by 23 inches high.  The remote condenser runs on a 3 HP compressor and utilizes R404A refrigerant.  The remote condensing units free up space in the establishment while providing reliable maintenance-free operation.

Frosty Factory Profit Calculator

Are you wondering what the return is on a frozen drink machine for your establishment?

Frosty Factory offers a unique profit calculator on their website where you can enter the a few drink variables and immediately see what your profit is. Therefore, it makes it easily to determine how quickly you will recoup your capital and installation costs.

Additionally, to keep capital expenses low, consider leasing the units that you need.  This allows you to free up capital and start generating the profits sooner.  Another advantage is that leasing will allow you to maintain the machines with a maintenance program so contingencies are completely covered.

Frosty Factory also has a nice “will serve” chart (download here). This chart showing how fast each machine fills, recovers, and initial start up takes. It also shows the maximum drink size available and recovery time after it is poured.  If you need to do some rough calculations to determine what machine you might need, then this is a good resource to start off with.


The remote cooled frozen drink machines RSI installed create the concept Daiquiri Depot’s customers will appreciate and enjoy.  The Frosty Factory R235 units provide a visually appealing aesthetic for the customer. Additionally, it offers space savings for the operator by maximizing the square foot profits by mounting the condensing units remotely.

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