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Essential ice machine maintenance and care tips for operators:

Ice machines are a crucial component of many businesses. Therefore, proper ice machine maintenance and care is essential. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new ice machine or optimize the performance of an existing one, these insights will help you make informed decisions to keep your ice machine running smoothly.

Five commercial ice machine tips:

1. Choose an ice machine based on your specific needs.

There are many different types of ice machines to choose from. When choosing the size of your ice machine, we recommend basing it on the amount you need to handle your peak demand. Additionally, the type of ice you choose matters. There are several ice shapes, and each have their own advantages.

  • Cubed ice is a solid cubed shaped ice that is commonly found in restaurants, bars, and convenience stores. It has a slow melt rate and is used for bagging, dispensing and cold drinks.
  • Nugget ice is a pellet shaped ice that is soft, chewable and retains flavor well. It is quick melting and used for cold drinks in restaurants, bars, convenience stores and healthcare facilities.
  • Flaked ice is a soft, snow-like ice that is moldable and quickly melts. Grocery stores, fish markets, and buffets commonly use it for displays. Healthcare facilities use it for medical compresses.
  • Crescent ice is a half-moon shaped ice used in bars and restaurants for cold drinks, bagging, and dispensing. It also has a slow melt rate.
  • Gourmet ice is a large, cubed ice with no hole or dimple with a slow melt rate. Restaurants, bars, and event and banquet halls use it in high-end liquor and upscale drinks.

While price is important, it is also beneficial to have local support and availability of parts for your ice machine when problems arise. So, research is crucial when choosing the brand of ice machine for your business. If you need assistance, then our experts at RSI can help you find the best ice machine for your specific needs.

2. Pick the location carefully.

To step your ice machine up for success, it is important to pick the unit’s location carefully. Like other pieces of refrigeration equipment, air flow is important for ice machines. So, make sure you install your ice machine somewhere with enough space to allow good air flow. Also, do not place it near workstations that use or create debris such as grease, yeast, or flour. These can coat the unit’s parts and make it work harder to do its job.

3. Have an authorized service agent do the installation.

Many manufacturers can void your equipment’s warranty due to installation errors. Therefore, it is important to vet companies. An authorized service agent’s trained technicians will know proper installation procedures. So, you will have peace of mind knowing the job will be done correctly.

4. Don’t ignore water quality.

Water quality is a key factor for ice machines. Poor water quality can negatively affect the taste and look of your ice. It also can affect how often your ice machine needs cleaning due to lime buildup. Therefore, test your water quality to see if it meets the manufacturer’s recommendations and add a filtration system. Do not neglect changing the filters regularly. Additionally, ensure your ice machine is not getting any hot water side migration.. Hot water will slow down ice production and can trip protection safeties. To prevent this, verify you have the plumbing’s check valves installed and functioning correctly.

5. Keep up with maintenance and cleaning.

Bacteria and mold thrive in the cold, dark and damp environment of ice machines. Since the FDA considers ice food, staying on top of cleaning is critical to meet food safety requirements. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your ice machine at least twice a year. A clean, maintained ice machine also produces the best quality of ice, both in taste and appearance. Additionally, it will be more efficient and produce at its full capacity.

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